Life Is A Marathon Coaching Community

Bruce Van Horn

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Welcome to the "Life is a Marathon" (LIAM) Coaching and Mastermind Community!

My name is Bruce Van Horn. I am a life coach, bestselling author, and speaker. If you are not already familiar with me or my work, I highly encourage you to visit my website ( to learn more about me. I also encourage you to listen to several episodes of my Life Is A Marathon podcast ( to get an feel for my teaching style, approach to life coaching, and the application of my personal motto: "Life is a marathon, so let's train for it!"

My passion, calling, and areas of gifting are centered around coaching you to change your thinking to create the life you know you are capable of living. My mission is to empower you to live passionately as the fullest expression of who you were created to be.

As a member of this mastermind community of like-minded people, you will receive real support, encouragement, and coaching from me in a group setting. Not only will you have access to me, but you will also be able to interact with and receive encouragement, advice, and support from the other members of the community—all of whom share your desire to learn and grow to their fullest potential. We will all, also, benefit from you sharing your insights and life experiences!

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Here are the highlights of what you receive as a LIAM Coaching and Mastermind Community member:

  • Your first 7 days with full access to the site and coaching calls are FREE!
  • WEEKLY, interactive video coaching calls
  • Work with me on creating a real, actionable life plan
  • Access to a huge library of coaching videos
  • Access to other exclusive content/courses not published on my blog or podcast
  • Communicate with me and other members through a private messaging system
  • Share your own thoughts and photos on your wall—very similar to Facebook!

These are just a few of the benefits of becoming a member.

Your membership investment is just $97 per month! Will you invest $3.23 per day in yourself to support your personal growth?

I’ve made it very easy to try it out. Join today and get your first 7 days FREE. Explore all of the features, attend a live video coaching session, and interact with the other members. I’m sure you’ll love it!

If at any point you decide it is not for you, you may cancel at any time—no long-term commitment!

Make the decision to change your life. Once you do, I'll be here to coach you!

~~ We are not accepting new members. ~~